• $14M project
  • 2-year project
  • A dedicated Cortex Génie Humain team of 19 consultants
  • Cortex Génie Humain is responsible for managing the client’s VDI environment operations
Within the scope of the Endeavor project, a large national airline company trusted Cortex for their VDI platform application packaging. The project intended to transform 3,000 workstations into virtual stations (VDI). The transformation affected our client’s four lines of business: airport, call centre, cargo and maintenance. The catalogue to be analyzed and virtualized included 750 applications. Cortex is now responsible for managing the client’s VDI environment operations. Client’s requirements: Our client did not have the internal resources and skills required to complete the project on their own. The project’s specificity, technical complexity and scope required a dedicated and multidisciplinary team striving to deliver high-quality projects on time. The company chose to rely on Cortex Génie Humain largely due to the team’s quality. Our team is comprised of professionals certified in Citrix, VMware and Microsoft and/or are renowned in the fields of VDI architecture, large-scale project management or non-compatible application integration. Today, Cortex Génie Humain still works closely with the manufacturers and software developers involved. The challenge:                                                                                   After a few months of delivery, it became clear that many of the project’s aspects were not adequately covered by our client’s other partners. Cortex then took control of most aspects of delivery in order to successfully complete the mandate and ensure that all of the client’s requirements were met.  Cortex Génie Humain adapted quickly and efficiently and reorganized the teams as needed. The solution: Cortex Génie Humain participated in all phases of the project. The client relied on Cortex to ensure proper project governance, management, automation and application installations in the virtual sessions (APP-V packaging) and to ensure proper application integration (including non-compatible applications) in the VDI sessions, but also to ensure technical leadership within integration teams. Cortex Génie Humain resources also supported the client’s internal teams. The advantages: The new virtualized environment increased information system security while reducing material and maintenance-related costs and lowering energy consumption. It also helped optimize the deployment of new application functionalities. Following the project’s success, the client chose Cortex to ensure the proper operations of their VDI environment (cf. achievement: VDI (Citrix) operations on 1,500 workstations). Indeed, Cortex Génie Humain has its own specialized VDI platform operations centre. Technology: Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, MS- App-V, VMware, NetScaler.
Following the completion of the project involving VDI implementation (Citrix) on 1,500 workstations, our client once again trusted Cortex Génie Humain to ensure the proper operations and management of this environment. Client’s requirements: The VDI project assisted in transforming 1,500 workstations into virtual workstations. Administration of these virtual stations requires a dedicated team with extensive technical abilities. The challenge:   The main challenge for Cortex was to build a qualified team that could ensure the proper administration of a large number of virtual stations while limiting the client’s costs. The solution: Cortex Génie Humain has a specialized VDI platform operations centre comprised of professionals with the experience and certification required to properly manage these platforms. The operations centre ensures the surveillance and support (24/7) for the client’s virtual infrastructures while optimizing their performance and availability so that they are always functioning optimally. The advantages: Cortex operations management allows our client’s teams to focus on strategic projects while benefitting from powerful, available and optimized tools. By trusting a specialized and dedicated team, our client is also guaranteeing that their VDI infrastructure is constantly evolving, which means they are covered by support agreements with the manufacturers involved. Technology: Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, MS- App-V, VMware, NetScaler, Active Directory, SCCM.
  • The METRO project received an award from PMI Montréal
  • $30.8M project
  • 3-year project
  • Transition of 5,000 workstations
  • Dedicated Cortex Génie Humain team of 17 consultants
The METRO project (Modernisation de l’Environnement Technologique et Rehaussement Opérationnel) is a global modernization plan within a large Canadian financial institution encompassing all the different IT infrastructures. Client’s requirements: Because of its scale and features, the METRO project required resources skilled not only in technically very complex infrastructures, virtualization configurations, security and applications, but also in business and operational processes. The challenge:                                                                                   The main challenges for Cortex were identifying and meeting the client’s needs, understanding the issues within each specific lines of business and recommending proficient technical solutions while keeping costs under control and respecting compliance requirements and regulations. The solution: The first phase of the project involved a very thorough preliminary analysis of the client’s existing processes and technology. The analysis regrouped the different IT groups’ requirements as well as other project’s guiding principles. Cortex Génie Humain revised the target architecture, identified and documented technological solutions. The preliminary analysis identified critical applications and documented application incompatibilities with the technological target, as well as mitigation solutions for at-risk application conversions. Lastly, the project plan was done in order to establish the centralized infrastructure migration strategy, to describe the major activities to accomplish and evaluate the efforts required and identify the external prerequisites within the Server project. The Cortex Génie Humain team then participated in all phases of the proposed solution implementations including migrating server operating systems and 5,000 workstations, implementing virtualization technologies, SAN storage solution, enhancing telecommunication systems, deploying hardware and software infrastructures as well as Microsoft management tools. Cortex Génie Humain actively participated in updating and deploying transactional banking applications and in updating all departmental applications to ensure compatibility with all new transactional platforms. The security component involved conceptualizing and implementing new banking security standards consistent with the Basel Accords and ISO standards, developing a three-year security plan and updating operation continuity plans. Lastly, Cortex Génie Humain helped revise the business and operational processes for users and surrounding IT operations. The advantages: The METRO project helped better support the bank’s operations and growth while increasing its operational efficiency and reducing operation and support costs. The project was awarded Project of the Year by PMI Montréal at the Élixir Gala for its project management quality. Our client was also recognized in the Information Technology and Communication category. Technology: Microsoft (SMS, MOM, WSUS), VMWare, SAN (EMC and HP)
  • MS-Dynamics CRM suite setup for over 1,600 users
  • Project recovery
  • Highly complex governance
The TANGO project was a project implementing MS-Dynamics CRM (customer relationship management) software for a large banking institution. The client's requirements: The TANGO project was initially managed by another company; however, the project scope and the implementation timeline required expertise and additional resources for it to be properly recovered. The challenge:                                                                                   The main challenge for Cortex Génie Humain was integrating a struggling project in order to recover it. The project’s context was particularly complex. In fact, a different company was initially responsible for the project management and fixed-bid delivery aspects. The client was responsible for business requirements management and testing. Contract management and client coordination were also done by a subsidiary and operations were handled by another subcontractor. The solution: Cortex Génie Humain took over managing the ongoing project. This was done with as little modification as possible to the existing delivery structure to limit disruptions. The first phase involved a very thorough analysis of the project and its developments to suggest a detailed recovery plan. One of Cortex’s teams took charge of delivering the missing infrastructures. Application developers customized the application so that it better met the client’s expectations. The MS-Dynamics CRM suite could then be delivered to over 1,600 users, which met the bank’s business goals. The advantages: The TANGO project was successfully recovered which allowed the client to meet their project delivery goals. Additionally, a system setup implementation giving branch advisers a consolidated view all of their clients’ assets and financial products in one dashboard was completed. Technology: Windows 2003, Windows XP, VMWare, Datapower, Cisco, Firewall, MS-SCCM, MS-Exchange, MS Outlook  .net, VB, MS-SQL, ERL, XML, HTML, PCO/PRI
  • 55,000 workstations
  • 1,000 applications involved
  • One-year project
The goal of this project was to implement a solution capable of supporting the rollout and operation of over 55,000 Windows 7 workstations in a large Canadian financial institution. The client’s requirements: This migration project involved a very large number of workstations. The client therefore trusted Microsoft Consulting Services, a company with which Cortex had a partnership in order to successfully complete this migration. The challenge: The main challenge for Cortex Génie Humain was to pilot this large-scale project while respecting the allotted timeframe. The solution: The project director, assigned by Cortex Génie Humain, actively participated in all phases of the project while supervising four architects and one coordinator. He gathered and analyzed the client’s business requirements, then participated in developing a zero-touch migration solution and strategy. He drafted the business process and participated in the application compatibility validation operation for over 1,000 applications using Windows 7, App-V and Citrix XenApp technologies. The project’s director also ensured that the mass rollout took place within the defined timeline and without any major incidents. The advantages: This project helped the client improve the performance, availability and security of their computer network.
  • Migration of 8,500 workstations
  • One-year project
This project was executed with the goal of migrating 8,500 Windows XP workstations towards Windows 7. The client’s requirements: Our client, a large telecommunications company, encountered many difficulties in completing this project; leading-edge expertise was not available internally and they did not have the sufficient skill to manage projects of this kind. The longevity of infrastructures and workstations needed to be guaranteed, the number of risks related to the termination of support provided by the Windows XP platform needed to be limited. In order to do this, our client relied on their internal resources while also calling upon our cutting-edge expertise, targeting specific elements which contributed to accelerating project delivery. The challenge:                                                                                   The main challenge during this mandate was the particularly short timeframe put in place by the client. The solution: From the very start, Cortex Génie Humain was actively involved in the project. An expert specifically in governing this type of project sat on the executive committee to contribute his knowledge in Windows migration and to guide the teams. This helped in avoiding the traps typical of this type of project. By participating in all the technological meetings and discussions, he could successfully advise the client. Thanks to its migration specialists, Cortex also participated in the technical delivery phases. The project was then delivered within the defined timeframe while respecting the high level of quality Cortex is known for. The advantages: This project allowed our client to avoid costly extended Microsoft support contracts, improve workstation performance and optimize operational rollout procedures. Technology: Windows 7, Altiris (Symantec)
  • Recovery of the entire data centre was done in 30 days, without impacting the client.
This project involved optimizing and streamlining a large multinational aviation company’s Montréal data centre’s operating costs. The client’s requirements:: Our client required external skills within their project in order to resume operations at their Montreal data centre. The challenge: The major challenge for this project was ensuring that operations resumed in less than 30 days, while ensuring service quality. The solution: The Cortex Génie Humain team, comprised of four system operators, was responsible for analyzing operations within the data centre and to find solutions for service optimization. They successfully managed the system administrator role transitions and implemented new solutions. The advantages: This project allowed our client to remediate and optimize their operations within the data centre while minimizing their costs. Technology: Microsoft, Unix, AS400
  • $500M project
  • 4-year project
  • A Cortex Génie Humain team of 16 dedicated consultants
  • Cortex Génie Humain recognized as the project’s leading expertise partner
Within the ambitious project of optimizing its entire branch network in Quebec, a large national banking institution trusted Cortex Génie Humain to improve the services provided at each branch through their Shared Services Centre. The client’s requirements: The project scope required a multidisciplinary team with technical and managerial experience and knowledge. Moreover, completing this project required extensive knowledge in optimizing processes and services. The challenge:                                                                                   The main challenge of this project was in reinventing and consolidating the business service with investor members without modifying the client’s fundamental social mission. The solution: The Cortex Génie Humain team participated in all phases of the project, from preliminary analysis to assisting the establishment of new solutions and ensuring their longevity. In doing so, Cortex helped analyze existing processes, identify new business solutions and implement 5 business laboratories to test and optimize these processes. Cortex Génie Humain was also involved in the project’s management component. In fact, for it to be a true success, the team had to get the adherence of all of the client’s members and collaborators and provide support during the project changes. Naturally, Cortex Génie Humain also participated in implementing the solutions while assisting the 175 branch managers. The advantages: This project helped the client improve and better target the business services they offer to their members, to increase market shares and profitability.
  • $60M project
The OTP project (Organizational Transformation Program) was done by our client, a large banking institution, during the acquisition of a multinational insurance company’s Canadian operations. The goal of the project was to ensure IT service continuity during the transition process. The client's requirements: The IT challenges in an acquisition as significant as this one required strategic reflection and significant technical knowledge. Our client trusted Cortex Génie Humain to ensure that IT services would be provided by the vendor during the transition period. The challenge: The main challenge of this mandate was organizing the efficient transition of vendor systems towards those of our client while respecting several regulatory, legal and technological requirements. The solution: Three strategic advisers from Cortex Génie Humain participated in bringing the project to term. They helped negotiate SOWs (Statement of Work) between both companies for all lines of business and provided strategic consulting services based on the very best contracting and IT outsourcing practices. They defined the target organizational model for insurance and IT operations, in addition to reviewing IT targets for all consolidated Canadian insurance operations of the firm. They then reviewed the vendor’s IT projects that were likely to affect Canadian operations. The team was also responsible for establishing business continuity processes (BCP and DRO) for the transition period. The advantages: This project helped our client acquire the vendor’s Canadian insurance operations by guaranteeing IT service continuity.
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