Citrix Managed Services

A Citrix infrastructure can be a formidable tool to provide virtual workspaces for your company, but its management and upkeep require know-how and specialized resources.

Offload this responsibility and the challenges of recruiting and training qualified staff; let us manage your Citrix environment. With our expertise and our capability to manage specialized IT infrastructure, you can concentrate on your core business and control your IT budget.

Our team is an extension of your own.

We will provide exceptional customer service tailored precisely to your needs and business goals.

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  • Optimization

    We maximize the availability and performance of your infrastructure.

  • Onboarding

    We take on routine tasks, so your team can focus their efforts on strategic projects.

  • Analyzes

    We prepare detailed performance reports and analyze your infrastructure to keep it operating at peak performance.

  • Advice

    We can recommend the best products for your needs: Cortex works with multiple platforms.

Lower your costs, free yourself of these specialized tasks, and refocus your attention on your core services.

Whether your Citrix environment has 500 users or 50,000, you can breathe easy and let us manage it with confidence.
Our team of certified Citrix administrators and architects is available 24/7.
You can stop worrying about finding replacements for employees on vacation or sick leave!

Case studies

VDI platform application packaging
VDI (Citrix) setup: 1,500 workstations

Within the scope of the Endeavor project, a large national airline company trusted Cortex for their VDI platform application packaging. The project transformed 3,000 workstations into virtual stations (VDI). The transformation affected our client’s four lines of business: airport, call centre, cargo, and maintenance, and the catalogue to be analyzed and virtualized included 750 applications. Cortex now manages the client’s VDI environment operations.

The client’s requirements
Our client did not have the internal resources and skills required to complete the project on their own. The project’s specificity, technical complexity and scope required a dedicated and multidisciplinary team striving to deliver high-quality projects on time. The company chose to rely on Cortex Génie Humain mainly due to the team’s quality. Our team is comprised of professionals certified in Citrix, VMware and Microsoft and renowned in the fields of VDI architecture, large-scale project management and non-compatible application integration. Today, Cortex Génie Humain still works closely with the manufacturers and software developers.

The challenge
After a few months of delivery, it became clear that many of the project’s aspects were not adequately covered by our client’s other partners. Cortex then took control of most aspects of delivery to complete the project and ensure that all the client’s requirements were met. Cortex Génie Humain adapted quickly and efficiently, and reorganized the teams as needed.

The solution
Cortex Génie Humain participated in all phases of the project. The client relied on Cortex to ensure proper project governance, management, automation, and application installations in the virtual sessions (APP-V packaging) and adequate application integration (including non-compatible applications) in the VDI sessions, but also to ensure technical leadership within integration teams. Cortex Génie Humain resources also supported the client’s internal teams.

The advantages
The new virtualized environment increased information system security while reducing material and maintenance-related costs and lowering energy consumption. It also helped optimize the deployment of new application functionalities. Following the project’s success, the client chose Cortex to ensure the proper operations of their VDI environment (cf. achievement: VDI (Citrix) operations on 1,500 workstations). Indeed, Cortex Génie Humain has its own specialized VDI platform operations centre.

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