Operations as a service

IT systems are the backbone of every modern company, but it can be a burden to maintain their availability and performance. With Cortex, you can outsource your operations without worrying about worker availability, potential hardware malfunctions or software errors.

How is Cortex different from its competition? We tailor our services to each client’s specific needs, not to a catalogue of existing services. Our Operations as a Service teams have the agility to adapt to your operational requirements.

With its robust procedures and protocols, Cortex goes beyond simply restoring your operations: we improve and perfect them. All of our support and maintenance processes – routine checks, monitoring, automation and preventive maintenance – ensure that the environments managed by Cortex operate at peak performance.

Our team is an extension of your own.

We will provide exceptional customer service tailored precisely to your needs and business goals.

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  • Onboarding

    A dedicated Service Delivery Manager manages your operations, analyzes your situation, and offers tailored recommendations.

  • Analysis

    An architect oversees your systems and provides technical and quality assurance.

  • Availability

    Fully transparent IT support, available 24/7.

  • Peace of mind

    Peace of mind, thanks to regular monitoring of the IT infrastructure and periodic reports tailored to the performance indicators most relevant to you.

Free yourself from the day-to-day management of your IT ecosystem
and the human resources that requires.

Cortex provides you with the most highly skilled resources in the field, so you get the service you expect, worry-free.

Case studies

Virtual workstation management
IT Integration following a major acquisition
VDI Operations (Citrix): 1,500 workstations

After implementing VDI (Citrix) on 1,500 workstations, our client renewed their trust in Cortex Génie Humain to handle operations and management of this environment.

The client's requirements
The VDI project assisted in transforming 1,500 workstations into virtual workstations. Administrating these virtual stations requires a dedicated team with extensive technical abilities.

The challenge
The main challenge for Cortex was to build a qualified team that could handle the administration of such a large number of virtual stations while controlling the client’s costs.

The solution
Cortex Génie Humain has a specialized VDI platform operations centre comprised of professionals with the experience and certification required to manage these platforms properly. The operations centre ensures surveillance and support (24/7) for the client’s virtual infrastructures while optimizing their performance and availability to always operate at peak performance.

The advantages
Cortex operations management allows our client’s teams to focus on strategic projects while benefitting from powerful, available, and optimized tools. By trusting a specialized and dedicated team, our client can rest assured that their VDI infrastructure is constantly evolving, which means they are covered by support agreements with the manufacturers involved.

Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, MS- App-V, VMware, NetScaler, Active Directory, SCCM.

IT Integration Following a Major Acquisition

Our client, a large banking institution, did the OTP project (Organizational Transformation Program) during the acquisition of a multinational insurance company’s Canadian operations. The project's goal was to ensure IT service continuity during the transition process.

The client's requirements
The IT challenges in an acquisition as significant as this one required strategic reflection and considerable technical knowledge. Our client trusted Cortex Génie Humain to ensure continued IT services during the transition period.

The challenge
The main challenge of this mandate was organizing the efficient transition of vendor systems towards those of our client while respecting several regulatory, legal, and technological requirements.

The solution
Three strategic advisers from Cortex Génie Humain brought the project to term. They helped negotiate SOWs (Statement of Work) between both companies for all lines of business and provided strategic consulting services based on the very best contracting and IT outsourcing practices. They defined the target organizational model for insurance and IT operations and reviewed IT targets for all consolidated Canadian insurance operations of the firm. They then examined the vendor’s IT projects likely to affect Canadian operations. The team was also responsible for establishing business continuity processes (BCP and DRO) for the transition period.

The advantages
This project helped our client acquire the vendor’s Canadian insurance operations by guaranteeing IT service continuity.

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