Packaging Factory

In their everyday work, modern organizations use tens, hundreds or even thousands of different types of software, which have to operate on many different types of devices. Installing or updating software on such a large IT ecosystem can lead to many headaches and, more importantly, create serious security risks.

Cortex’s packaging factory can manage all or part of your software catalogue, allowing you to update, install or remove applications on demand. All your employees will always have access to the same up-to-date version of their applications!

With our help, you will never again have to deal with a workflow interruption or downtime for software updates or installation. This cost-effective, secure solution is the perfect way to keep your company operating smoothly.

Our team is an extension of your own.

We will provide exceptional customer service tailored precisely to your needs and business goals.

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  • Packaging

    Software packaging helps companies reduce costs, minimize interruptions and maximize efficiency for all business units and departments.

  • Deployment

    Organizations that use software packaging can update their software on all their users’ devices quickly, efficiently and on a large scale.

All you need to do is book a virtual meeting
so we can talk about your specific environment and the application to be automated. Our experts will deliver your package within the agreed timeframe.