Humane and caring

At Cortex, pleasure is a daily appointment! It's more than a watchword, it's a state of mind. It is lived through a management style marked by humanity and care, strong recognition, and, of course (!) numerous social activities. It is together that we win or learn.

Challenge learning

Joining Cortex is an opportunity to develop one's expertise by working on various mandates, by having access to internal and external training, by obtaining certifications fully recognized by the employer, etc. The challenges are stimulating, they are numerous, the days follow one another but are far from being the same!

Vibrant and engaging

Cortex's motto: "Deliver quality". Let's not let the contractual framework prevent us from finding solutions. A satisfied customer will listen to our arguments. We are committed to delivering excellent service and our teams do everything possible to achieve this. This makes for a dynamic and challenging environment where employees are proud to work for Cortex.

An employer that stands out.

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The well-being of our employees is a priority at Cortex. We want to enable you to work flexibly and productively.

Flexible Remote Work Policy

We understand the importance of a work-life balance, which is why we've implemented a flexible remote work policy to allow you to work wherever you feel most productive!

Ergonomics Program

Our ergonomics program allows you to benefit from an at-home visit by an ergonomist who will assess your workstation setup to ensure it's optimal, then make recommendations for suitable equipment for your comfort.

Digital Nomad Policy

At Cortex, a digital nomad policy is in place to give you the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world, under certain conditions.

Monthly Allowance for Cell Phone and Internet Expenses

A monthly allowance of $70 is provided to cover your internet or cell phone costs.
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We believe that our talented team of professionals is the key to our success, which is why you need to be well-covered!

Comprehensive Group Insurance

We provide comprehensive group insurance (medical, dental, life, AD&D, long-term disability, travel, etc.) to ensure your well-being.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides you with support to help you overcome personal and professional challenges.
Team spirit and collaboration
Team spirit and collaboration
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Team spirit and collaboration

We value "fun" at work as well as collaboration!

Team Happy Hours and Regular Team Building Activities

Our work environment is focused on fun and collaboration, so team happy hours and regular team building activities are part of our everyday life! Curling, dragon boat racing, surfing with the boss, we're always up for new ideas!

Weekly Soccer

A soccer team meets every week to stay active!

Social Committee

Our social committee is a point of pride! If you join, you will have access to a minimum of 3 annual activities (sugar shack, go-karting, laser tag, etc.) which are determined at the beginning of each year.
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Our office is located in the heart of downtown Montreal, providing you with easy access to public transportation (train, subway, etc.)

Free Gym Access

We believe that physical and mental health is essential, which is why we offer free access to the Econofitness gym located right across from the office (Promenades Cathédrale).

Foosball / Lego / Chess

We encourage creativity and relaxation by offering fun activities like foosball, Lego games, and chess.

Collaborative Spaces

Open collaborative spaces are set up to enable you to work in a pleasant environment.
Talent Accelerator
Talent Accelerator
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Talent Accelerator

At Cortex GH, skill development and progression are deeply ingrained values.

Lunch & Learn

We regularly offer "Lunch & Learn" sessions to allow you to expand your knowledge base.

Best Practices Activities

We also enjoy offering "Best Practices" sessions to assist you in developing your skills.

Investment in Training

AWS, Azure, Citrix, and other certifications are a considerable asset to add to your profile, which is why we're happy to invest in your learning by covering the cost of certain certifications. We believe our culture of continuous learning and development is a competitive advantage and a driver for your career growth.
Paid Benefits
Paid Benefits
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Paid Benefits

Because you deserve peace of mind!

Competitive Salary, Regular Vacation, and Vacation Bank

We offer a competitive salary as well as regular vacation and a vacation bank to allow you to rest and recharge.

5 Sick Days

Annual, to be used for yourself or your family as needed.

Profit Sharing Bonus (PSB)

If the company is successful, we want our employees to benefit as well, which is why a profit-sharing bonus (PSB) is offered annually to reward the efforts of our team.

With Cortex, free your hemispheres!

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Do you share our values?


At the very origins of the Cortex foundation, we put everything in place to maintain a permanent contact with each individual, and a serene, friendly and collegial work climate.


The full and total satisfaction of a job well done. Knowing that we are an important stakeholder in the solutions we implement.


The daily encouragement to take initiative, to adopt a long-term vision that is not limited to the profitability of the moment.


At Cortex, no matter what is at stake or how successful we are, it is together that we win or learn.


To our clients, delivering excellence in everything we do, large and small. Inside the company, to know that we are all accountable for our achievements.