Cloud Migration

Cloud migration provides a flexible, cost-effective cloud computing environment to host data and applications. By offloading operations such as server maintenance and system updates, organizations can relieve their staff of time-consuming management tasks so they can concentrate on using their unique expertise.

The main goal of migration is to move applications and data to the most efficient IT environment possible, based on factors such as hardware and maintenance costs, system performance, and data security and integrity. For a successful migration, companies need to carefully evaluate their current IT infrastructure and determine which parts of the system can be transferred to the cloud with minimal disruption.

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  • Unify

    Ensure perfect cohesion between the applications you are migrating and the new data architecture.

  • Satisfy

    Make sure your new environment is tailored to your specific needs.

  • Configure

    Prepare and transform your current environment for migration.

  • Migrate

    Migrate your applications while minimizing the impact on your daily operations.

From the planning stages to implementation and even management of your cloud IT system, we will be there to guide you and ensure your peace of mind.

With its understanding of the industry and mastery of the technology, Cortex can help you select the right strategy, operating model, roadmap and cloud computing provider for your needs.

Case studies

Infrastructure modernization
Server Operating System Update
Workstation Migration
Major infrastructure upgrade

The METRO project (Modernisation de l’Environnement Technologique et Rehaussement Opérationnel) is a global modernization plan within a large Canadian financial institution encompassing all the different IT infrastructures.

The client's requirements
Because of its scale and features, the METRO project required resources skilled in technically very complex infrastructures, virtualization configurations, security, and applications, as well as business and operational processes.

The challenge
The main challenges for Cortex were identifying and meeting the client’s needs, understanding the issues within each specific business line and recommending proficient technical solutions while keeping costs under control and respecting compliance requirements and regulations.

The solution
The project's first phase involved a comprehensive preliminary analysis of the client’s existing processes and technology, covering the different IT groups’ requirements and guiding principles for other projects. Cortex Génie Humain examined the target architecture and identified and documented technological solutions. The preliminary analysis identified critical applications and documented application incompatibilities within the technological target, as well as mitigation solutions for at-risk application conversions. Lastly, the project plan determined the centralized infrastructure migration strategy, described the main tasks to accomplish and evaluated the efforts required, and identified the external prerequisites within the Server project. The Cortex Génie Humain team was then involved every step of the way in implementing the proposed solution, including migrating server operating systems and 5,000 workstations, implementing virtualization technologies, SAN storage solutions, enhancing telecommunication systems, and deploying hardware and software infrastructures as well as Microsoft management tools. Cortex Génie Humain updated and deployed transactional banking applications and updated all departmental applications to ensure compatibility with the new transactional platforms. The security component involved conceptualizing and implementing new banking security standards consistent with the Basel Accords and ISO standards, developing a three-year security plan, and updating operation continuity plans. Lastly, Cortex Génie Humain helped review user and IT operations' business and operational processes.

The advantages
The METRO project helped improve support to the bank’s operations and growth while increasing its operational efficiency and reducing operation and support costs. PMI Montréal awarded the project the title of Project of the Year at the Élixir Gala for the quality of its project management. Our client was also recognized in the Information Technology and Communication category.

Microsoft (SMS, MOM, WSUS), VMWare, SAN (EMC et HP)

Server Operating System Update

The goal of this project was to implement a solution capable of supporting the rollout and operation of over 55,000 Windows 7 workstations in a large Canadian financial institution.

The client’s requirements
This migration project involved a vast number of workstations. Therefore, the client trusted Microsoft Consulting Services, one of Cortex’s partners, to successfully complete this migration.

The challenge
The main challenge for Cortex Génie Humain was to pilot this large-scale project within the allotted timeframe.

The solution
Cortex’s project director actively participated in all phases of the project while supervising four architects and one coordinator. He gathered and analyzed the client’s business requirements, then participated in developing a zero-touch migration solution and strategy. He drafted the business process and participated in the application compatibility validation operation for over 1,000 applications using Windows 7, App-V and Citrix XenApp technologies. The project director also ensured that the mass rollout occurred within the defined timeline and without any major incidents.

The advantages
This project helped the client improve their computer network's performance, availability, and security.

Support – Workstation Migration

This project migrated 8,500 Windows XP workstations towards Windows 7.

The client’s requirements
Our client, a large telecommunications company, encountered many difficulties in completing this project; leading-edge expertise was not available internally, and they did not have sufficient skills to manage projects of this kind. The client required guarantees on the longevity of infrastructures and workstations and limited risks related to the termination of support provided by the Windows XP platform. Therefore, our client relied on their internal resources while calling upon our cutting-edge expertise, targeting specific elements which contributed to accelerating project delivery.

The challenge
The main challenge was the client’s particularly short timeframe.

The solution
Cortex Génie Humain was active from the very start and involved an expert in this type of project to sit on the executive committee, contribute his knowledge in Windows migration, and guide the teams. This helped avoid the traps typical of this type of project. By participating in all meetings and discussions, he could successfully advise the client. Cortex also participated in the technical delivery phases thanks to its migration specialists. The project was delivered within the timeframe while respecting the high quality Cortex is known for.

The advantages
This project allowed our client to avoid costly extended Microsoft support contracts, improve workstation performance, and optimize operational rollout procedures.

Windows 7, Altiris (Symantec)

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